COVID-19 guidelines

Worship will be very different from what he have to come and appreciate. 

With the upcoming indoor worship services scheduled for September 2020, precautionary measures adopted in accordance with CDC guidelines, State of Ohio regulations and recommendations from the Presbytery of Cincinnati, have been put into place that will help keep everyone healthy.

We have adopted the following enhanced cleaning and sanitation measures. 

-The sanctuary will be cleaned each week following worship and not used again until the following Sunday. 


-Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building. 

-All who enter the building will be required to wear a face mask and have their temperature checked. If you have a temperature over 100.4 F you will be asked leave. Greeters will be asking your name and writing it down.

-Worshipers will be asked to maintain a safe social distance. We will sit in every other pew six feet apart. We ask worshipers to refrain from congregating in the narthex and instead socialize outdoors.

-Multiple-touch items will be eliminated as much as possible. 

-Doors will be opened at all times, please enter and exit thru the marked doors.

-Pens, paper, hymnals, and Bibles (please feel free to bring your own) will be removed from the pews. There will be no printed bulletins. The order of worship, prayers, liturgy, and song lyrics will be projected on the sanctuary screens. 

-Any announcements will be communicated via email, Facebook, the Mouse, and the sanctuary screens.

-There will be no prayer cards. Please continue to send all prayer request to the church and Pastor Bobbie will receive them.

-There will be no responsive readings, no corporate singing, no passing of the peace or offering plates. There will be a central offering plate for your offerings.

-There will be no nursery or adult or children’s Sunday school at this time. 

-Air conditioning and heat will be turned on the night before and then turned off just prior to worship to keep air from circulating and spreading


- After service you will asked to leave row by row and immediately exit the building.

All this will be very different and for some of us very difficult. But God lives in our hearts. We worship God – truly – in our hearts. God hears our every prayer, whether we shout it out loud or  whisper silently in our hearts. We can limit or inhibit a virus, but not the Spirit of the Living God. 

Moving forward will necessitate that all those who choose to worship with us or to use our church facilities abide by these guidelines and others. We recognize that not everyone is ready to worship together in the sanctuary or even outdoors in the parking lot or on the lawn. If you are especially vulnerable, or if you do not feel comfortable returning at this time, know that you can worship at home and still be connected to your church family. Certainly, if you are sick or think you might be sick, please stay home.

We appreciate your understanding

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